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Old Bullard Road Drainage Project (May thru Sept., 2019)


  • What is the project?
    • In 2011, a drainage study identified the need for additional drainage structures under Old Bullard Road near Rice Road for storm water. There are currently two 5’ by 3’ box culverts at this location. This project will add three additional 5’ by 3’ box culverts, bringing the currently undersized drainage system up to standards.
  • How old are the current structures?
    • The existing structures were put in place in the 1970’s.
  • Why is the addition of three more box culverts necessary?
    • Due to an undersized drainage system at this location and added residential and commercial development in the area, storm water could potentially create hazardous conditions for drivers on Old Bullard if covering the roadway.
  • What road(s) will be closed?
    • A partial closure for Old Bullard Road from Timberwilde Drive to Rice Road will be in place during construction. One lane of southbound traffic on Old Bullard Road will remain open the entirety of construction. Northbound will be re-routed down Rice Road to Richmond Road to Timberwilde Drive.
    • Do we anticipate police presence to direct traffic?  We will increase patrol in the area when construction starts to help direct traffic on a needed basis.
  •  Will there be access to the businesses located along this road during construction?
    • Yes, all businesses in the area of construction will remain open and access to their driveways will be available via the southbound lane throughout the project.
  • How long is construction expected to last?
    • Construction on this project is expected to begin in May and be complete by late-September.