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Approved Contractors

Contractors wishing to construct public facilities (i.e. streets, drainage, water and sewer) must be on the City of Tyler Approved Contractors List at the level appropriate for the value of the work prior to beginning the work. This applies to contractors who will either:
1) sign a City of Tyler CIP construction contract,
2) sign a City of Tyler 3-Way construction contract, or
3) supply a Maintenance Bond to the City when doing work without a contract.

Contractors not currently on the Approved Contractors List may submit a Qualification Statement with appropriate financial documentation at any time, including with their bid for a CIP project. However, they must be approved before they will be awarded a contract or before being allowed to begin work on projects performed without contracts. Please allow up to ninety (90) days for processing and review of applications.

The levels of approval and the financial documentation required for each level are as follows:

Project Size: Required Financial Documentation:
Under $15,000 No financial statements required
$15,000 - $50,000 Unaudited compilation or review using Cash/Tax Basis or Accrual Basis financial statements
Over $50,000 Audited financial statement using Accrual Basis statements
  Qualification Statement
Rev. Date 04-24-2017
Qualification Statement
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  Approved Contractors List
Rev. Date 01-09-2019
Approved Contractors List
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Once approved, contractors stay on the Approved Contractors List for up to a year, based on the contractor's financial year end date, and will have to submit updated qualification statements and financial documentation within 90 days after their year end date in order to remain on the Approved Contractors List. For example, if a contractor's financial documentation has a year end date of July 31, the contractor's approval is valid through July 31 of the following year and he must submit an updated qualification statement and financial documentation within 90 days of the year end date (i.e. on or before October 31) in order to remain on the Approved list. Contractors may continue to do work for the City of Tyler during the 90 day period while they are preparing their updated information.

Qualification statements and financial documentation may be submitted for review to Tyler Water Utilities at:

By Mail: By Email: By Fax:
City of Tyler
Attn: Lisa Crossman
PO Box 2039
Tyler, TX 75710
Attn: Lisa Crossman at
Attn: Lisa Crossman at