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Ozone Action Plan

The City of Tyler has adopted Ozone Action Day guidelines to be used on days designated as Ozone Actions Days. Implementing the following procedures on Ozone Action Days can help reduce ozone producing precursors:

  • * Consider work schedules that will reduce equipment and vehicle usage in the morning hours during the normal ozone producing season of May through September.

  • * Delay fueling of vehicles until the advisory is over. If fueling is necessary, do so in the late afternoon or early evening. Avoid overfilling the tank and allowing fuel to spill onto the ground. Limit vehicle trips as much as possible. Coordinate activities to avoid duplication of trips. If possible, schedule trips for afternoons.

  • * Avoid idling vehicles unnecessarily. Limit use of weed eaters, tractors, lawnmowers, and power tools. Ensure that all vehicles and equipment are tuned and maintained according to manufacturer's tune-up and emissions control standards.

  • * Schedule the use of heavy equipment for non-ozone action days. Turn off lights and equipment to reduce power load when vehicles are not in use.

  • * Eliminate the use of oil based paints requiring hydrocarbon based solvents on all action days.